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IBG Absolute Financial Holding places strong emphasis on its responsibility to all stakeholders: clients, shareholders and staff. We fulfill our responsibilities because we operate under the rules and regulations of the Egyptian Capital Market Authority and other regulatory bodies in the markets in which the Company operates.

The Company supports and implements the provisions of the Guide to Corporate Governance Principles in Egypt, as issued by the Chairman of the General Authority of Investment and Free Zones and the Chairman of the Egyptian Stock Exchange. In addition Absolute Financial Holding strives to incorporate international principles of good practice, such as the Combined Code of Corporate Governance, as issued by the Financial Reporting Council in the UK.



IBG Absolute Financial Holding promotes a culture of responsibility and accountability throughout the organization, with senior management responsible for implementing robust systems of internal control. A Code of Conduct is in place to govern employee behavior within both the Company and the markets in which Absolute Financial Holding operates.

The Company ensures that business entities are segregated through the use of ‘Chinese Walls' and a strict personal dealing policy is enforced across the Company.

The Company's equal opportunities policy covers both employee recruitment and training and extends to social welfare programs within and outside the company.


The Board of Directors and Officers of IBG Absolute Financial Holding are committed to ensure the Company's compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, rules and disclosure of key information to all stakeholders.

The Executive Committee of IBG Absolute Financial Holding comprises senior management and has overall supervisory responsibility for the Company's operations and performance.

IBG Absolute Financial Holding reports the Company's activities in Press Releases that are sent to a wide spectrum of interested parties and these are also posted on the Company's website.



The Board has formed a number of sub-committees to assist the Board in the fulfillment of its oversight responsibilities.

An independent ombudsman is appointed to impartially adjudicate any issues that might be raised and is available to hear any complaints or concerns in confidence.

The Audit Committee is formed specifically to oversee the financial reporting and internal control of the Group, as such the Committee seeks to ensure the highest standards of risk management, reporting, and internal control. External auditors examine the Company's accounts and report on all funds under management and an independent auditing firm assists in the delivery of the annual internal audit plan.

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