Nilex is the Egyptian Exchange' market for growing medium and small companies.

Nilex offers an appropriate, secure, yet flexible regulatory framework for both companies & investors together with a streamlined admission process.

Nilex provides medium and small fast growing businesses including family-owned businesses, from any country and any industry sector a clear access to capital and the benefits of being traded.

Benefits for Issuers:

  • Access to long term capital for the expansion of their businesses.
  • Helps in determining a fair value of the company.
  • Improved image among suppliers, customers, banks and other stakeholders.
  • Helps in merger and acquisitions transactions to create more competitive entities.
  • Strict expense discipline.

Benefits for Investors:

  • Protects investors' rights and helps shareholders phasing out from the company.
  • Opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios by investing in high growth companies.

Benefits for the Economy:

  • Supports promising sectors in the economy which suffers from finance obstacles.
  • Helps attracting more domestic and foreign investments to those fast growing companies.
  • Helps promoting the concept of entrepreneurship and job creation.
  • Provides an exit strategy to venture capital funds.
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